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Real Estate Appraisal Service Michigan
Real Estate Appraisal Service Michigan
Real Estate Appraisal Service Michigan
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Appraise Real Estate Detroit
Real Estate Appraiser Michigan
Our Services

All Acupraise appraisal orders that are requested via our web site will receive an E-mail confirmation that we have received the order and we will be contacting them to confirm the inspection date scheduled.
  • Generally orders are completed 2 to 4 business days after inspection
  • Any appraisal can be mailed or E-Mailed back to requester
  • Fully EDI capable in both ACI and PDF format 
Types of Appraisals Offered
  • Single Family & FHA
  • 2-4 Family & FHA
  • Condominiums
  • Single Family non-owner occupied
  • Re-Certification of Value
  • Re-type to another company
  • Drive By
  • Desk Review
  • Field Review
  • Vacant land
  • Final Inspection
  • Court Ordered

Other Services

We also provide sales of real estate and offer professional real estate consulting services. Our talented and diversified staff has years of experience with South East Michigan real estate clients, and want to give you the real estate services you need!

Stop Paying Mortgage In$urance!!

75% of all homeowners with Mortgages are paying Mortgage Insurance (PMI). You're probably paying an additional $40-$100 per month in PMI that you don't need to!

drop your PMI, you only need an appraisal done on your house that shows you have 20% equity. You can include increases in property values, improvements, additions, swimming pools, etc!!

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